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    it contain antibacterial properties that can help control and reduce acne-causing bacteria. not only does the antibacterial properties of this soap help control acne-causing bacterial it also has a great deal in keeping a check on breakout like acne, pimples and black/whiteheads. it also helps in clearing excess oil and […]

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    For all skin types It has antibacterial and anti fungal properties. It helps to clears white heads and black heads. It also smoothens the face and clears acne. Use daily for best result.

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    Act as a tool that will provide much-needed coolness and freshness to your under-eye area. in fact, the antioxidant and vitamin C content of this banana can help reduce the appearance of wrinkles and can lighten the skin. Banana lightening face and body scrub ingredients: ingredients banana extract sha butter […]

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    Best used for dark or brown skinned type It brightens the skin and makes it glow. Use twice daily for best result.  

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    Best used for light skinned type. It helps to clear hyper pigmentation, smoothens the skin and also clears blemishes. Use morning and evening for best result.  

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    Great for light skinned type. Smoothens, evens and tones the skin.

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    just as the name implies the kit help to achieve a light skin tone moisturizing dry skin, including in people with condition such as pigmentation, thin lines, reducing inflammation, which may result from UVB rays. promoting wound healing, antibacterial, antifungal, and antiviral properties. gently reduce skin discoloration by encouraging the […]

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      lightens the face Clear blemishes and dark spots It also clears sunburn. Makes the face flawless and glow. Usage morning and night. Apply on a cotton wool and dab on the face

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    Great for very light skinned type It lightens the face It clears sunburn, acne, redness, black spot. Use thrice in a week to prevent redness and for best result.

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    Best used for all skin type. For a glowing, smoother skin tone. NOTE: It does not lighten the skin.

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    For kids smooth and glowing skin. No Bleaching..

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    Great for all skin types It detoxify the skin Treats acne Helps with inflammation and calms the skin It also prevents wrinkles and helps reduce redness.

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    Great for all skin types. Cucumber soap is very good for anti aging It’s good for a flawless glowing skin tone. It also helps to clear wrinkles and find lines.

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    Best used for a very light skinned. It lightens, clears blemishes and smoothens the skin. It also has anti-aging properties and contain spf-30. Use daily for best results.

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    It contains natural herbs and oils that gradually clears stretch marks from the skin. Use daily and always for best result.